Field Season - What is it?

Field Season or Open Ground Season refers to a selection of plants that we grow in the ground as opposed to in pots.  Our field plants are grown directly in high-quality peat-loam soil, and the roots are trimmed to encourage a strong root ball.  Once lifted, the root ball is wrapped in hessian and is ready to plant.  If you haven't purchased field stock before, we have all the info you need below. 

Why Hessian
Here at Ardmore Nurseries, we strive to continually improve and reduce our impact on the environment.  One of the ways in which we achieve this is through our use of hessian.  Hessian wrapped plants are a great alternative to potted plants - no plastic pots to get rid of, and the hessian is biodegradable.  The hessian we use is organic, and Fair Trade certified.  Along with avoiding waste, the plants are also easier to plant, with the hessian protecting the roots from handling damage.

Evergreens are available from mid May to mid September

Deciduous plants are available from July to the end of August
*Weather dependent

Placing an Order

Email or call us with your order, and we will get the stock secured for you.  Once lifting commences, please give us 1-2 weeks' notice for collection or delivery.  Note that we often cannot accommodate same-day or next-day orders as all stock is dug to order and lifted by hand. 

If you request a delay after the plants have been lifted, there may be a $2 re-balling charge per plant.  This covers the cost of re-wrapping the root ball in hessian to avoid the plant suffering as the original hessian decomposes.

How to Plant
We provide a handy guide containing all the information you need to know about planting with every field order.  If you are unable to plant immediately, keep the plants well watered and in a sheltered position out of the wind and sun.  Ideally should be planted within 4-8weeks.