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Do you sell to the public?

No we sell to businesses and government organisations. Our plants are available through many retail garden centres throughout New Zealand and are sourced and planted by many landscapers. We ask new customers for their business name and GST number.

What size plants do you grow?

1.25L to 45L in containers and 30cm to 3m in the field (open ground). Container plants are available year-round whereas open field are only lifted during the winter months.

How do I ask for a quote or make an order?

The easiest way to order is via email at sales@ardmorenurseries.co.nz. This inbox is monitored continuously and we do our best to get back to you within 1 business day. To help us provide the best response, please let us know when the plants are required, pot sizes or plant height requirements, quantities, and if are happy for us to offer substitutes.

What about ordering field plants?

Our field grown plants are dug to order from Autumn to Spring. It's best to get your orders in early in the season as stock does sell out. You can order at the start of the season and we can discuss the exact delivery date later on. if you have a specific date you would like field plants by, we like at least 3 weeks advance notice. If you've never planted a field grown plant balled in hessian before we can provide guidance. They represent good value for money and avoid plastic waste.

Can you deliver directly to our client's site?

Yes, we have two trucks that take PLT trolleys for delivery around Auckland on a weekly basis, Waikato and Tauranga twice a month and Rotorua once a month. We do deliveries in certain areas at set times, if you have a specific day you would like your order delivered let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you are outside our delivery areas we have a selection of dedicated plant carriers that we can book for you. We do not mark-up carrier freight charges. 

Is there a list of all your plants?

Not really because it's constantly changing! We grow over 1,000 varieties of plants from trees to perennials and all sorts of other forms, both native and exotic. Email sales@ardmorennurseries.co.nz if you would like to sign up to our monthly availability list. This lists all the plants that are ready for sale. Always feel free to contact us to quote on whatever plant list you have. We may be able to suggest a substitute for something we don't currently have ready for sale.

Is there a minimum order quantity or a need to order ahead?

No, you can buy as few or as many plants as you like, whenever you like. We are a speculative grower rather than a contract grower, giving you the the flexibility to choose from whatever we have available.

Can you put plants aside for me?

For customers who spend at least $3,000 per annum (and pay on time), we can put plants aside for you until your site is ready for planting or you have room in your garden centre. We generally expect you to take the plants within 3 months.

How can I pay for my plants?

Payment can be made at the nursery with EFTPOS or cash (not credit card or cheque). You can also pay directly into our bank account. Payment is required before the plants leave the nursery unless you have a credit account.

Do I need an account to buy plants? 

No. We do collect some basic details from anyone making a purchase, and set up what we call a "Cash Account". After you have been trading with us for 6 months on a pay as you go basis you can apply for a credit account if you want one. Note that we expect three trade references with a least 6 months trading history as part of any credit application.  Applications will be processed within one month of being received.